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Linda May Spencer


From the late 1970's until 1997, Linda May Spencer was a madam, a maven and a mother. She operated and subsequently owned two storefront saunas in the City of Saint Paul, Minnesota. These businesses were fronts for prostitution. Linda May Spencer sold sex for money in the city while raising two daughters in the suburbs. 

Her story is one of darkness. Addiction, crime and secrets wracked her for decades. But one day, Linda got up. 


Today, Linda is 70 year-old mother and grandmother. She is currently working to build a platform from which she can educate others on mental illness, addiction and rebuilding life after a fall.

Fallen Woman details Linda May Spencer's rise and fall. It tells a story of trauma and regrowth and shows the power of self determination. 


Emily Jean

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Growing up with a madam for a mother isn't easy. But, Emily Jean spent most of her childhood in the dark, not knowing what it was her mom did for a living. When she was a teenager, it all came crashing down and her previously normal suburban life changed drastically. While others cast her out because of her mother's profession, Emily stuck by her mom, saving her from a life living in the shadows of her past. 

Through addiction, jail, undiagnosed and untreated mental illnesses, Emily stuck my her mom. Even now, she's there to pick Linda up if she falls. Emily is a champion for her mom and supports her in all aspects of her life. 

Today, Emily lives and works in the Twin Cities. When she's not at work you can find Emily playing with her best girl, Bella.  


Allison Mann

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Allison Mann is an author, publisher and paralegal. After graduating from Winona State University, Allison began a nearly twenty-year career as a paralegal in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. 


After co-authoring her first book, The Girls Are Gone, Allison found her way to the publishing world. In 2020, Allison co-founded and is the CEO of Hadleigh House Publishing where she developed the Unpacked imprint. 


Allison continues to reside in the Twin Cities with her family. When she's not writing, Allison can be found getting lost in a bookstore or wandering the halls of a courthouse.  

For more about Allison click here to check out her website.

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