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The Como Rice Sauna

606 Rice Street, Saint Paul, April 2021

In 1977, before Linda May Spencer took control of the building at 606 Rice Street in Saint Paul, it had been known as the Cosmos City Sauna. Though it was originally a television repair shop, the building had been converted to a sauna by its previous owner. Not long after purchasing the business, Linda and her partner shortened the name to the Cosmos Sauna. 


In 1984, when Linda and her husband bought and renovated a new building just North on Rice Street, they decided to take the name of this business with them to the new location, rebranding 606 Rice as the Como Rice Sauna.


Since the business was shutdown in 1994, the building has served many purposes from a candy store, chiropractic office and now a ministry. 

Today, this little building on Rice Street has come full circle. Thy Kingdom Come Ministry, which began using the space in April of 2021, serves not only the unhoused community in Saint Paul, but also as a safe haven for individuals leaving the sex-for-money industry and victims of human trafficking.

The Cosmos Sauna

843 Rice.jpg
843 Rice Street, Saint Paul, April 2021

In 1983, Linda May Spencer and her husband purchased the building at 843 Rice Street in Saint Paul. Their purpose was to renovate the building and open a second storefront sauna in the city. 

Capitalizing on name recognition, the couple took the name from the already operating sauna down the road and called their new business, the Cosmos Sauna. 

From the day it opened until the day she shut it down, Linda May Spencer owned and operated the Cosmos Sauna and for many of those years the upstairs apartment served as a home for her now ex-husband and a home for her children.


In 1997, Linda closed her business at the building not knowing what would fill her former space. Most recently, a coffee shop operated in the former sauna. Today, the coffee shop has closed and it is not known what will fill the space next.   

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